Friday, 3 May 2013

Happy List #2

- Super sunshiney days :)

- Chinese with the fam, was so nice to spend time with them :)

- The boyfriend has moved house meaning he is now almost an hour away from me booo :( but he is right next to the south downs and Brighton which is fab! He packed a picnic for us and we trekked up the downs and found a really nice place to sit and eat and the views are stunning. Next time we walk up there I'll be sure to bring my camera!

- Fried bread for breakfast...mmmmm yummmyyyyy!

- Birthdays; it's been so many of my friends' birthdays the last months or so, with more coming up (including mine!) and one friend made the twins the most beautiful, delish cakes in the shape of buildings with the names of the unis they wanted to go to with a path between the two!! And they were taken to London for afternoon tea and they brought us back some mini cakes which was so lovely of them :)

- The generosity of my friends. As I said, lots of birthdays, and instead of everyone giving one present we all contribute money to get one really great present. For the twins we got them cambridge satchels :)

- Sunny evenings in the garden with a glass of wine gossiping with my mammy

- Fried egg and chips

I know I'm not posting regularly and I have different themed posts which I'm trying to do regularly but 'fraid A Levels make it difficult to work around. Can't wait until they're done!

What little things in life are making you smile at the moment?


  1. Sucks that he's moved an hour away, but at least you have pretty places to go! Your friend's birthdays sound lovely. I've been reading books in the garden with bottles of cider for company and also my son started writing, plus the sun is ACTUALLY out, thank god! x

  2. Hey! Love your blog! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) details on my blog!
    Kelly xo