Thursday, 18 April 2013

Work Experience in Bordeaux

I mentioned work experience in Bordeaux in my previous post and I was going to write about it but there is far too much to say so i thought I'd let my photos do the talking :)
It was organised by a company called Halsbury and my French teacher at school told us about it. Two of us went and obviously we weren't going to know anyone else going on the trip. Some people were from York, Manchester, Essex etc etc. Within a couple of days we were like a big family and now I can't imagine having not met them! One of the best experiences of my life :)

So here are some photos that me and my friends took over the week :) 

 The last night

 Tram times

 We're an attractive bunch.

 Our fave club Fabrick and our two group leaders - Sol at the back and Lydia on the far right (next to me)

 Nutella panini. Freaking yum.

 Train station near our hotel

 View out of our french windows from the hotel room

 Cute elderly couple strolling the streets of Bordeaux

Old city, modern trams

 Morning walk to work

 View onto the square from the canopy of my work placement

 Church opposite my work placement

Beautiful antique shops

Going out on the last night

My little bookshop where I worked all week; Librairie Olympique

If you want to find out more about the company and what I did for work experience just ask I'd be happy to talk about it :)


  1. that looks like a fun time!
    lmao at the guy on the left in the tram

  2. This looks like a fun visit. Glad you had a good time!

  3. Oh I LOVE Bordeaux! My ex used to live there, and I visited him there once- it is an absolutely beautiful city. And what is it with the Nutella paninis there?! (other than the fact that they are amazing). And the Miroir and the trams and... ok I need to go back. xx

  4. Wow, these are amazing photo's and you looks like had a great time! What sort of work experience did you do? xo

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    1. Thank you :) I was working in that bookshop in the last picture! It was lovely :) the company Halsbury organised it based on my application and thought I'd be best suited there :) x

  5. bloody hell i am so jealous! i did my work experience in a boring office in birmingham, not quite the same! it looks like you had a fantastic time and i'm glad because if i remember from twitter you were a bit worried about it? glad it went well either way! x

    1. Haha yeh I did! I was so worried! Didn't want to be in a strange country with only one person I knew and the group leaders could have been horrible...but I was totally wrong! I now miss them all like crazy we all got so close :) thank you :) xx

  6. Bordeaux looks so beautiful! I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award. All the details about it are in my blog post below xx

  7. Stunning pictures!! I want to visit France one day :D Seems like you had tons of fun!

  8. IN A FRENCH BOOK SHOP THOUGH. You're so bloody chic, you chic bloody woman. And NUTELLA PANINIS? The French have got it down. Bordeaux looks beautiful. x

  9. Sounds like a fantastic trip! ELL x