Monday, 1 April 2013

Instamonth || #March

OK I hardly have any photos to show you 'cos my life really isn't hugely interesting atm and for you little buggers you think it's OK to say "make it interesting!" SOD OFF you're not wanted. If you read my last post you will know I am feeling a little  massively down at the moment, mostly due to school and study. A-levels are shit fucking hard if I haven't said it already and apparently I'm not a "natural scientist".

Before I go off on one here are my instasnaps of this month!

L-R - On the way home from Essex interview - birthday cake for a friend #1 - disco pants - tea & toast - more freaking snow - birthday cake for a friend #2 - brown paper packages tied up with string for le boyfriend's birthday - neon day at school reppin my black milkies - drunk twister.

It's been a big month for birthdays. There was another two of my friends birthdays but I didn't get shots of the cakes :-( The jelly swimming pool one I think is the best so far, it was for a friend who is a crazy awesome swimmer. And wants to be a mermaid. Le boyfriend's birthday set me back a bit in my savings scheme but it was worth it; I got him a hat, socks (essentials) a lomography camera with film and a waistcoat. He has a very unique sense of style. The drunk twister is from the 18th party of the friendy who the swimming pool cake belongs to. It was Kelly Brook themed. It was girls only and a lorra lorra fun.

Now it's April and I have another few birthdays and parties lined up...I am gonna be so broke by summer... but it's my birthday in two months! Yippeee!!! I can't wait to be 18!! :-)

Edit: Lots of you are commenting congratulating me on the cakes and as much as I'd love to say I did make them I can't lie, I didn't. Sorry for not making that clear! Other friends made them, I just took photos and helped eat them. I'm a terrible cook lol.


  1. March is a good month for birthdays in my life too! Those cakes look great, well done. Keep going with your studies - you can do it! x

  2. The cake is so cute!
    God you have scared me about sixth form now. I am starting in September and am taking 2 sciences and I'm not very scientific either! xo

    1. oops sorry!! My advice to you is don't have a boyfriend, don't waste time and work mega hard from the start. And exam technique is the thing to beat. Apparently I revise the knowledge well blah blah blah but can't apply it and don't read the sounds very stupid and simple but it is the one thing that kills everyone is science exams.

      I'm gonna do a post in the summer when it's all over about what it was that made me fuck-up so much and what my life has been like...little hint....going through a nasty break up doesn't help. Neither does getting very drunk...

      Good luck!! ;) xxx

  3. I love people who have the guts to swear in blog posts, it makes them feel more real :') All your followers love you and am sure everyone who has ever being a student really understand about figuring out how to balance school work and a personal life. ♥ xx

  4. Wow, those cakes are incredible! I remember being sooo stressed throughout A-Levels, I actually think I found them harder than uni...

  5. Great photography on your blog amazing! loved the cakes too so creative my cooking is terrible haha! really want a pair of Black Milk leggings :'( the prints are wicked!

  6. All the best for your A levels! I decided to take A levels this year after finishing high school, it really is difficult! (And I'm guessing, gets harder...) All the best :) Love the blog!

  7. That birthday cake is amazing! I absolutely love penguins, and seriously want that cake now!! Just followed, love your blog!xo