Saturday, 23 March 2013

Beauty reviews || eye products for dark bags and puffiness

One major thing I really suffer from is puffy eyes and dark bags. I'm 17. I don't need puffy eyes and dark bags! I think mine are genetic as regardless of whether I am sleeping well or drinking buckets of water nothing helps. So I am constantly on the hunt for eye products to reduce or cover up those bad boys and at the moment I have a few on the go. These are the three eye products I am using on a daily basis at the moment. Yes a daily basis. That is how desperate I am.

This Good Things Bright Eyes cream is divine!! It says it smells of raspberry and lychee and well I've never smelt a lychee before so I have no idea if that is what it smells like but it smells amazing! As most Good Things products do. It says it is for 'anti puffiness and dark circles'. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference, there is a slight reduction of puffiness and dark circles but not enough. Maybe enough for someone with moderately puffy eyes/dark circles. Still it is really nice and soothing to put on before bed or in the morning. 

Simple Revitalizing Roll-on gel is pretty damn good. I use it in the morning to wake up tired eyes. It greatly reduces puffiness but it doesn't cover up dark circles. Wouldn't use it alone. It's also great to reduce puffiness after you've been having a wee cry and you don't want people to notice, it's worked wonders for me!

Finally Garnier Roll On BB Eye Cream; this stuff is incredible. It comes in different shades and the light one perfectly matches my skin tone. Apparently it has caffeine in it to reduce puffiness which it does really well and it is a lovely light cover up, not like other concealers I have used where they crease and make the under eye skin all heavy which isn't good seeing as the skin under the eye is light and delicate which makes this product perfect! I strongly reccomend you try it if you want to cover up dark/red eyes.

Sorry for the close up but here is what my eyes look like with the garnier bb eye cream on. Pretty incredible how well it has covered up the dark circles! I forgot to take a before photo so I guess you can't tell the difference but trust me there is a huuugee difference!

Does anyone else suffer from horrible puffy and dark eyes? It bloody sucks.


  1. I'm exactly the same with my damn eye bags! They just won't shift! I love the Garnier roll on too, use it everyday, but I haven't tried the other two! Other bbloggers have suggested a benefit concealer so I might have to try that soon x

  2. They all sound great, I need to try the good things one!

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  3. I definitely need to try some of these, my eyes are always bad :( x

  4. The Garnier stuff sounds like a winner, I already have the Simple one, but my bags are too monsterous, it does nothing. I heard about using Vaseline before you go to bed, I think it dulls down puffiness, might be worth a try!


  5. Read my blog on 4/29, i'll tell you exactly how to get rid of puffy eyes;)) Sry i used to model & i'm now a model scout; i have oodles of odd & sometimes useless info;) lol

  6. I really like the Garnier one, but was looking for some alternatives. Gotta look into these:)

  7. this is a great post! i suffer from really dark circles and puffiness, may have to pick these up!

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  8. great post, I really need to get my hands on one of these products, i have terrible dark circles under my eyes x