Saturday, 2 March 2013

Instamonth || #February

Hello! Those of you who follow my twitter and/or instagram will probably have already seen THE FRINGE!!! But if not there are two appallingly bad snaps of it below (it looks much better in real life)! Apparently I look like Taylor Swift but brunette? That would have gone to my head if I hadn't also been compared to Claudia Winkleman... still I love it now despite the traumatic experience at the hairdressers. And I will get proper photos of it to share with you, right now I am so behind with posts I have planned though so I'll just have to squeeze it in somewhere! Anyway, here are my March instasnaps, hope you like :-)
L-R: The fringe! - The fringe again! - New geeky t-bar shoes from Topshop - New Delilah Dust necklace - Roses from le boyfriend for Valentines - Need this Wildfox sweater in my life - Ootd - My excited-it's-half-term face - Heart print collared shirt - Ootd - Cat socks - Haattt chaaacaalaatte! - Looking fresh at 8AM - Stole my mother's Michael Kors bag - Le boyfriend's puppy looking all cute and weird - Night out with the girls in my beetlejuice black milk leggings.


  1. Great photos !

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  2. I love your new T-Bar shoes! They're not geeky!


  3. Lovey pictures! I really like your neon beanie x

  4. Really love the sockss, they're awesooome!
    Also the puppy is adorable, looks so fluffy and cuddly!


    1. He is adorable but he is so naughty! He chewed the boy's school bag to bits this morning! X


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