Monday, 25 February 2013

Happy List #1

The Happy List: 
 Mam took part in the Brighton half marathon and finished in 2 hours 2 minutes! So proud of her!
Plus we (myself, dad, and my sister) breakfasted in burger king - the '100% beef" sign made me laugh!
My sister Imi and I had oreo milkshakes on the pier. Fuck yeaahh.
Looking straight out the back window of my house feels so secluded and the sunset was beaut.
Took Imi to London for a day of shopping (sorry bank account). She doesn't get to go very much and it was so nice to spend the day with her doing one of the things we love best, spending!
My Delilah Dust necklace arrived. (Read post here).
I reached 100 GFC followers on my blog!
Missing le boyfriend whose in Hawaii but I found a cracking photo of him asleep with a drawn on 'tache! Which I drew as payback for him falling asleep at my house...
Bought the perfect vintage dress.
Spent so much quality time with my bed :')
Black Milk's latest release!! Woohooo 'GIVE ME NYLON OR GIVE ME DEATH' hardcore sharkie right here :') except I'm waiting for the second Lord of the Rings release to buy my next piece...
Big box of thortons chocolates were enjoyed over the week thanks to le boyfriend and St Valentine.
Also been enjoying loads of flowers around the house! Roses and daffodils galore!
The guinea pigs had their first a very deep bucket (don't panic the water was shallow! I didn't drown them) and I discovered that one of my piggies has the power of flight/extremely high jumping...


  1. New follower xx

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :)

  2. Brighton is soooo beautiful! It's my goal in life to live there at some point, I loove it!
    By the way, i've replied to your comment on my post :)


  3. Wow Brighton looks like a nice version of Weymouth which is where I come from, which is an absolute s*** hole. Lovely Post!

    Nicole xx

  4. Topshop! God I love Topshop.
    I've been making horse/cow jokes for weeks now, it just can't get old.
    Well done to your mum! I've still not been to Brighton, which is ridiculous as I have friend down there, definitely going to visit this year.

  5. Gorgeous posts of the seaside, I live on the coast too so am always down at the beach snapping when it's nice weather! Just looks so pretty.


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