Saturday, 2 February 2013

Newness || January sales and more

I got some great stuff this January despite telling myself at the start of the month that I had what I needed and I was going to avoid the sales. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA good one Amber! You joker.... the sales caught up with me and so did the realization that I needed to update my make up big time.

My beauty haul; I always use simple products for my face, 17 nail polish and L'oreal volume million lashes mascara. I've never used garnier or a BB cream before but since everyone was raving about them I thought hey why not...

Underground Creepers - Urban Outfitters - £50 (sale)
Boyfit jeans - ASOS - £19 (sale)
Black velvet leggings - romwe - £15 (sale)
Purple disco pants - ASOS - £10 (sale)
Cross print tights - ASOS - £4 (sale)
Dotty tights - ASOS - £4 (sale)
Cross print cardigan  - New Look - £20
Michael Kors bag - stolen from my mother - probably will pay with my life

Teehee yay for new stuff and sales!


  1. I've a similar pants with that. Its kinda glittery and its in dark blue. I really dont know what to pair it with. I need help :/ maybe a suggestion. I havent tried wearing em because I dont know what to pair it with. Oh and do you mind checking my blog? i just follow you. I hope you can give me some suggestion! thank you :)

  2. Simple is so underestimated, personally anyone with sensitive skin should buy it by the bucket load. Great shoes, wish I could pull them off! Great post as ever Amber :)

    Mel x

  3. Oh sweeet jesus those creepers are a work of God.
    I love simple products, everything I put on my face is simple! ;D I used the BB cream for a while but meeh it kind started feeling quite sticky and watery :L Maybe it is just my face though... :') ♥

  4. Those creepers are DIVINE!

  5. aaaaaaaah LOVE creepers <3

  6. Ahhh your creepers! I want! I stole my mum's coach clutch too haha. I'm not sure if she has noticed it missing yet :-)xx