Wednesday, 13 February 2013

10 things you can do to take care of your hair

I have been having a bit of a hair 'mare recently because it is so long and thick which is lovely but it makes it hard to look after. It gets knotty easily and is mega hard to style and I'm super bored. Thinking of perming, dying or fringing it. I googled 'messy full fringe' and these are some that are similar to what I'd want (I think!)

This last one of Leighton Meester is probably my favourite, which one(s) do you prefer?

Anyway I like to pick up little tips on how to keep my hair in sexy glossy condition and I thought I would share them with you :-)

1. Getting your hair trimmed does not make it grow faster!!! The amount of times I see this as a 'tip' winds me up so much! Hair is dead! It grows from your head! (Hey that rhymes). So trimming off the ends WILL NOT make it grow any quicker! What it does do is get rid of nasty split ends and make your hair look glossier and healthier so even if you reeeaaally want to let it grow, still get it trimmed every now and again.

2. Don't fiddle with your hair and touch it all the time. I twirl my hair around my fingers as a nervous habit and it breaks the hair and gives me nasty split ends. Don't do it. Also touching hair makes it greasy quicker so stop running your hands through it (I also do this).

3. If you want it glossy put in lots of conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes, do something else in the shower, exfoliate, wash your face, then wash out conditioner.

4. If you have long hair don't wrap it up in a towel! It breaks the hair underneath, close to your scalp. Place a towel around your shoulders.

5. Squeeze hair dry, don't rub it manically as this can also cause breakages and knotty frizzy hair.

6. When finishing up your shower finish with a quick blast of cold water. This is also good for your skin/blood circulation.

7. Whenever possible dry hair naturally, if not try to use your hairdryer on a low setting and when finishing up give it a quick blast of cold air.

8. Don't tie it back tightly too much. This causes the hair to weaken around your scalp and can cause it to fall out! I recently found out about this and it freaked me out so much!

9. When going to bed, plait hair. This (once again) prevents split ends and hair breaking.

10. Brush it by working from the ends upwards to the roots. This helps get tangles out easier and with less pain. Also tease tangles out with fingers and the best brush? Tangle teaser every time.

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XXX extra kisses!! ;-)


  1. great post, i personally prefer Jennys fringe from 90210, more messy!

  2. ah I never thought about the towel thing..or the plait one..this is really helpful, thankyou, and happy valentines day :) xx

  3. Great tips.

    I dip dyed by hair last night so need to keep the ends conditioned.

    My hair is finally growing and I am always concious of flyaways from doing top knots!

    New beauty post up if you would like to take a look please. Thanks! :)



  4. I got a full fringe cut in last week and I love it! I say go for it they suit everyone :D xx

  5. I've been growing my hair out from a really short cut for the best part of a year now and it's just reached past my shoulders but I'm starting to get bored of it again. I'm toying with the idea of a fringe but am a bit worried as my hair gets so greasy so quick :/ All this advice sounds great though!