Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Instamonth #January

Hi :-) so this is what my January has consisted of...

CND print leggings - Rita Ora is my girl crush (so is Cara) - blue nails for Jan - BM snake pit leggings - ootd feat. snake pit leggings - my cute tiger beanie hat - snow!! - ootd feat. diy bleach denim shorts with lace tights - drawing I did of Grace from Other Infinities - ootd feat. crop jumper and vintage levis - new velvet leggings from romwe - diy bleach jeans - passed my theory test for driving! - chilling with some glossies - the boyfriend and I pulling faces at Richoux on New Years - new creepers!

I got lots of new stuff this month what with sales and needing to update my make up. I'm terrible with make up, wear the same stuff and most of the stuff I had was getting old and dusty. Ew. Can't wait to do a haul post! Eek! More exciting news! It's bloggies first birthday on Feb 11th! Yay! I'm planning some posts and possibly a give away :-) let me know what you think, or if there's anything you'd like to see I would love to hear what you want :-) 

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  1. Great pictures :) Love this post!

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